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Vedic Jyotish

Vedic Jyotish has its basis in the direct realization of Vedic Seers who, in their deepest state of meditation, cognized a non-dual field of Pure Consciousness as the source of the entire creation. In the Vedic vision, energy is the pulsation of consciousness and is essentially the same. On the manifest level, every grain of creation is differentiated from one another, but on the un-manifest level it is one with the other. Whether a piece of stone or a celestial body or a human being, it is just the creation of Pure Consciousness manifesting in different roles.

Everything in the universe together constitutes a cosmic physiology, where each part manifests certain specific qualities while simultaneously maintaining the omniscient value of Pure Consciousness. Every part and particle of the universe is infinitely correlated and influences each other on a very subtle level. Human beings are the ultimate expression of the creative process of Pure Consciousness with the ability of making clear choices and realizing the true nature of reality. At this stage of evolution, where the ability of making clear choices comes into play, the doctrine of ĎKARMAí comes into effect.

KARMA is conscious action, made with a clear choice from a myriad of available choices. If something happens unconsciously, the whole universe remains unconscious of it. If something is done from a clear conscious choice, the whole universe becomes conscious of it, records it, and returns the influence of it to the DOER. Conscious acts by individuals create impressions on the Cosmic Memory, which, in turn, serve as KARMIC DUST to create the specific uniqueness of each individual. In this way, the Cosmos uses the same KARMIC DUST to create individuals that they themselves have created.

The quality of KARMIC DUST used in the creation of an individual can be decoded by studying the influences being radiated by the celestial bodies at the time of birth of that individual. If one has been creating good KARMIC DUST in different lives one will, as a result, be born at a time when the radiations from the cosmos are very positive, and vice-versa.

We do not need to study the entire Cosmos to decode the destiny of each individual. Vedic Seers, in a deep state of meditation, realized it is possible to reduce the whole Cosmos to a simple zodiac wherein a few constellations and planets manifest the holistic quality of the whole Cosmos. This zodiac serves as a microcosm for the Cosmos. 

The quality of life of each individual depends upon the nature of the influences he or she is receiving from the celestial bodies at any one time. The time of birth of an individual is always in accord with his KARMA. At the moment of birth, the planets, signs and constellations through their various positions and combinations indicate specific effects on each aspect of that personís life. One who can understand the language of the celestial bodies can decode the foundation stones of an individualís life. Each planet and sign represents a specific set of laws and qualities of human life; all the signs and planets together encompass every aspect of human life in a holistic way. At the time of birth, each person will have a specific celestial configuration according to his or her KARMA. Each planet and sign, through its specific position, will indicate the basic trends of every aspect of the personís life, such as health, happiness, strengths, weaknesses, career, relationships, children, parents, power, position, possessions, inclination, or anything else that matters in their life. Vedic astrology is thus completely holistic in its approach. It is not merely the art of fortune-telling, rather it gives us a full vision of our life and guides us towards the realization of our true Being

J Rajarishi

Whether it is a piece of stone or a celestial body or a human being is just the creation of the pure consciousness in different roles. All that consists of the universe constitutes cosmic physiology where every constituent manifests a few specific qualities while simultaneously maintaining the omniscient value of pure consciousness.

All the planets and signs together represent the holistic value of an individual life and we can get the trends of happenings to take place in the life of individual by studying their specific configuration at the time of the birth of that particular individual. 


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