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You can get vedic astrology consultation from jrajarishi and his associate consultants to have an insight into the specific trends of your life in all aspects as: finance, career, psycho-physiological health, personal and social relationships, happiness from family and children with deep insight into the KARMA and DHARMA of life.  You just need to send us this information - Date of birth, Time of birth and Place of birth.
The fee is as below :
Standard consultation with 5 questions 50 usd
30 minute consultation (1 year period analysis) 30 usd
15 minute consultation (5 questions) 20 usd


Yangya recommendation is the essential part of the Jyotish consultation. One who does not need consultation can just get yangya recommendation.
The fee for yangya recommendation is

10 usd


Muhurta is the auspicious time to start or perform any activity as marriage, starting business, making contract or agreement, buying, selling, starting journey etc. MUHURTA is the time when there is maximum support from the cosmos for the success of our undertakings.
Fee for single event muhurta

20 usd


COMPATIBILITY is done to decide if two or more individuals are compatible to each other for any kind of alliance as business or marriage. This involves the comparison of individual charts through which it is possible to see matching and un-matching qualities of the individuals involved and there by advise them whether to go together or not.
Fee for compatibility

20 usd


You can order yangya therapy to restore balance in your life. Hundreds of highly trained vedic pundits perform it. There are PLANETARY YANGYAS to check the negative influences coming in as a result of KARMA and there are SPECIAL YANGYAS to produce life supporting positive influences. The cost of yangya depends on the ordered size. The bigger the size the more it is effective and more expensive.
Planetary yangyas cost

250 usd to 700 usd 
( in different categories)

Special yangyas cost

400 usd to 1000 usd
( in different categories)


At the time of birth every individual has a specific set of natural laws more active for him or her. This specific set of natural laws becomes the vital force (Deity) of the individualís life. If this vital force is invoked through the vedic mantras on every birth days, the person gets lively support of this vital force through out the year. Itís a nice opportunity to celebrate the birth day by getting a birth day yangya performed by highly skilled vedic pundits.
Cost of birth day yangya in medium size

300 usd

Cost of birth day yangya in standard size

500 usd


YANTRA is the embodiment of a specific set of divine laws. In terms of precise mathematical expression different sets of divine laws take different shapes. Each shape represents a specific set of natural laws. One can get the YANTRA to nourish any suffering aspect of life. To nourish a suffering aspect of life, the corresponding Yantra is invoked with vedic mantras. Yantra can be tied on arms or be worn around the neck. It allows the positive energy into our being and heals us on the quantum level.
The cost of Yantra in gold Amulet

300 usd

The cost of Yantra in silver Amulet

150 usd


VASTU is based on the structuring dynamics of the universe. Any structure we live in whether office or house or community should be in accord with the structuring laws of the nature. If it is not in accord one will face obstacles and hindrances. Specific activities are supported in specific directions as fire element is more lively in south-east direction, hence your kitchen will get more support in that direction. You can get addressed your small queries or get complete solution for your house, office or factory from the learned scholars on our panel. In case your house, office or factory is already constructed and you donít have much options, you can get some remedial measures. This helps to minimize the negative influences to much extent.
Cost of 5 questions 20 usd
Complete solution for house, office or factory 100 usd
Vastu defect remedy 100 usd to 300 usd


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